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Craft Unforgettable Holiday Experiences for

Your Distributed Teams

Make your team’s spirits bright with unique connection activities and the culture-building expertise of Breakout.

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Cross Company Connection Off Your

Holidays To-do List

You want to give workers something special for the holidays. 72% of employees prefer an experience over a physical gift. Why? Because experiences are memorable. They forge lasting connections whose benefits last beyond the seasonal buzz. Enter Breakout, your holiday helper. We give you all the fun without any of the fuss.

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Give the Gift of Connection

Our global platform is built for busy leaders looking to create end-of-year cheer no matter where their employees are. With Breakout, you’ll be able to:


Show appreciation for your distributed teams


Save planning time, so you can do more of what you do best


Understand the impact of your holiday programming

Strong Teams Connect with Breakout


increase in employee retention after Breakout events


of participants feel more connected after attending Breakout events


of teams feel proud of their company culture because of Breakout events



backed company

We Do Holiday Programming Differently

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Add Turnkey Execution to Your Holiday Wishlist

Book your holiday event with Breakout, and leave the rest to us. We provide pre-written comms you can copy in a jiff, event experts who'll help you meet your registration goals, and round-the-clock event kit tracking. Did we mention that we ship to 60+ countries?

Forge Bonds That'll Last Year-Round

We've carefully designed our holiday events to unwrap what you care about most: fun-filled connection. All of our events include two or more breakout rooms–since meaningful interactions tend to happen in small groups–and we can curate those breakout rooms based on your goals. As an inclusion-forward business, we also provide gluten-free and vegan options to ensure everyone can celebrate.

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Choose How You Celebrate

Book a one-off holiday event or launch a program that allows managers to select events for their teams–it's up to you. Add branding options, like customized kit items, prizes, or specific prompts. Our spirited hosts are guaranteed to bring good cheer, but if you want to lead events yourself, our Breakout Boxes give you everything you need to do exactly that.

No matter the size of your distributed team

Our experts and events take the guesswork out of meeting your connection goals.

Events That Suit The Season

Bring your distributed team together for the holidays with curated events and programs for teams of any size that are anywhere.

Chocolate Bark & Bites: Winter Edition

Chocolate Bark & Bites: Winter Edition

Melt, pour, and garnish your own chocolate bark

Team Toasts

Team Toasts

Celebrate your team over craft cocktails or mocktails

Ugly Sweater Cookie Contest

Ugly Sweater Cookie Contest

Do your worst in this ugly cookie decorating contest

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Events don't have "to get booked through me, so it also helps me scale our events programming."

Elise Walton, Senior Employee Experience Manager, Duolingo

We help your teamwork

Schedule a discovery call with one of our strategists to see how Breakout

can improve employee connection and engagement for your team.

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