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Elevate Your Internship Program with Strategic Fun

Connect your interns to each other and your company to increase full-time conversions.

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Foster Intern Connections from Day One

For early talent, workplace connections matter -- 62% cite relationships with peers as one of their top reasons for staying with a company. Cultivating these connections means planning events, and planning events can be a full-time job.  That's where Breakout comes in. We help you develop world-class internship experiences that generate impactful connections, inspiring interns to become employees.

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Take the Guesswork out of Engaging Your Interns

Our global platform is designed for early talent leaders looking to easily add connection to their programs. With Breakout, you’ll be able to:


Save time planning so you can do more of the work you do best


Foster connections to increase full-time employment conversion


Understand the impact of your connection activities

Trusted by Early Talent Leaders


events designed exclusively for early talent


of interns feel more connected with coworkers after Breakout events


of teams feel proud of their company culture because of Breakout events



backed company

Your Partner in Fostering Intern Connections

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Make Connection Events an Easy Lift

Our early talent event specialists help you design a program that meets your needs, including pre-internship meetups, mid-program fun, and keep-warm events for interns who've accepted full time offers. From professionally crafted comms and kits that ship to 60+ countries, Breakout's got you covered.

A Program That’s True to Your Brand

When you partner with Breakout, your internship program is still your program.  Optional branding opportunities like customizable kit items, prizes, and adjustable connection prompts, keep your company front and center. And while our stellar hosts are guaranteed to bring the fun, our Breakout Boxes give you everything you need to run events yourself for that extra homegrown feel.

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Track the Impact of Your Intern Events

Our detailed reports track attendance, sentiment, and ROI to ensure your efforts to increase full-time acceptance rates are working, while our team's culture-building expertise helps you improve performance going forward.

No matter the size of your program

Our experts and events take the guesswork out of meeting your intern connection goals.

Events Designed Just for Interns

Interns deserve events suited to their specific needs. They tend to be shyer than full-timers, so we include thoughtful prompts to help them break the ice, as well as two or more breakout rooms per event. We can also curate breakout rooms to match interns based on experience and/or department, and we help connections grow post-event by sending all participants a list of who they met.

Intern Intros

Intern Intros

Meet fellow interns in a series of rapidfire games

Virtual Voyagers: Intern Edition

Virtual Voyagers: Intern Edition

Talk travel while playing an interactive map game

Pass the Torch

Pass the Torch

Fast-paced mentorship sessions

What Our Customers Are Saying

I swear my rep was writing a response back before I even sent her an email with a question. Breakout takes care of almost everything for me.

Kathleen Ponte, Campus Recruiter, SimpliSafe

We help your teamwork

Schedule a discovery call with one of our strategists to see how Breakout

can improve employee connection and engagement for your team.

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