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Set M&A Integrations Up for Success with Strong Team Connections

Expedite post-M&A integration with unique events that bring teams and companies together.

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Overcome the #1 Reason M&As Fail

Culture incompatibility is why 30% of all mergers fail. Cultivate a sense of unity and common purpose among merging teams with Breakout’s easy-to-use booking portal and connection events. The result? Quickly form deep personal connections that help your team feel like they’ve been working together for years.

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Build One Connected, Happy Team

Our global platform is built for busy leaders to accelerate their change management program.  With Breakout, you’ll be able to:


Increase retention of acquired and existing employees


Fast-track teamwork for peak performance


Track the ROI of your team-building efforts

Proven Impact on the Metrics You Care About


increase in employee retention after Breakout events


of participants feel more connected after attending Breakout events


of teams feel proud of their company culture because of Breakout events



backed company

Merge More than Just Your Systems

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Customized Programs That Unite Teams

Our events are meticulously crafted to support M&A integrations.  With our customization features, you can curate an experience that reflects your unique company culture and values. From personalized connection prompts to custom breakout room matching, we provide the tools to nourish meaningful connections, supporting your integration process.

Build Bonds Quickly to Improve Performance

During a merger or acquisition, you need to cultivate worker relationships at speed. Team-building activities increase productivity by 20%, so we've engineered our events to maximize rapid connection development between workers using small-group breakout rooms that promote meaningful interactions.

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Make Connection an Easy Lift

We know during a deal, you have a million tasks to get done, so let us take something off your plate. Our event specialists design a program that meets your needs. Our team takes care of it all - calendar invites, a dashboard with event details, tracking information, and registration messaging.

No matter the size of your integration

Our experts and events take the guesswork out of connecting your new team.

Enhance Team Trust and Connection
with Unique Events

Maximize connection by curating your breakout rooms to match new and old employees

in our events designed specifically for M&A integrations. Connect your globally distributed teams

with boxes shipped to over 60 countries.

Pass The Torch

Pass The Torch

Fast-paced mentorship sessions

Tie Dye & Vibe

Tie Dye & Vibe

Learn to tie-dye and show your coworkers your true colors

Speed Meet 'n Greet: M&A Edition

Speed Meet 'n Greet: M&A Edition

Meet your team via a series of fun, rapidfire games

What Our Customers Are Saying

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New employees said "this acquisition was so much better" than previous ones because of Breakout.

Margaret-Ellen Christensen, Director of Employee Experience, Diversity & Culture, The Arena Group

We help your teamwork

Schedule a discovery call with one of our strategists to see how Breakout

can improve employee connection and engagement for your team.

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