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Put Team Connection on Autopilot

Save time and energy with Breakout, your ultimate partner

for effective team-building.

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Don’t Make Team-building a One-off Event

Friends at work aren't just a nice-to-have; they’re your secret weapon for keeping top talent. 
However, building that level of camaraderie requires a consistent flow of meaningful activities. That’s where Breakout comes in. We help you build strong connections on your team with a consistent lineup of bonding moments, making your employees happier and more productive.

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Your Partner in Team-Building

Our team works with you to devise a year-round connection program based on your budget and goals. With Breakout, you’ll be able to:


Foster better connections to improve employee retention


Save time planning, so you can do more of the work you do best


Gain visibility into the impact of your team-building

Connected Teams Using Breakout


increase in employee retention after Breakout events


Breakout event participation in the first six months at top companies


of teams feel proud of their company culture because of Breakout events



backed company

Spend Smarter on Connection Experiences

Whatever the size of your distributed team, our experts, unique platform, and playful team-building events take the guesswork out of meeting your connection goals.

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Always On Connection

Team connection should be a constant, not a calendar invite. That’s why Breakout offers a variety of ways to bond - both big and small - including async games, 15-minute activities for team meetings, and celebrations for personal milestones like birthdays and baby showers. 

Your Easy Button for

Easy execution means you can focus more on what you do best. Just share your team roster, and we’ll design a custom program, taking care of promo messaging, registration, and shipping to over 60 countries. 

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Make Your Team-building Budget Work Smarter

90% of team-building budgets go untracked. Our detailed reports help monitor your team connection in real-time, tracking sentiment, ROI, and participation to ensure your efforts are working. 

No matter the size of your distributed team

Our experts and events take the guesswork out of meeting your connection goals.

Your Team’s New Favorite Way to Connect

Our activities are engineered for maximum team connection, featuring small-group breakout rooms and

async activities that slide right into your existing workflow. Our custom programs include:


Opt for one of our many 60-minute activities focused on maximizing team connection.


Encourage easy connection with async activities on Slack or Teams.


Add a 15-minute connection boost to your team meeting with our hosted mini-events.


Make milestones memorable with engaging activities for birthdays and baby showers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Breakout takes all the stress off my plate because I know that no matter what the event is, my employees are going to leave having had a good time.

Pamela Leskar, Chief of Staff, Embark Veterinary

Employee Connection, Simplified

Schedule a discovery call with one of our strategists to see how Breakout can improve employee connection and engagement for your team.

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