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Create a Community to
Support Your Returners

Our connection activities make it easier for returners to be reacquainted in the workforce by helping them

build bonds to increase confidence.

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Returner Success Starts with Strong Connections

Cultivating connection and a sense of belonging for your returners is essential for their success. Over half of Americans with a career gap express anxiety about reentering the workforce. Breakout’s unique events create a compassionate, connective experience that fosters a sense of belonging for your returners.

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Your Partner in Creating Career Comebacks

Our global platform is built for busy people leaders looking to create supportive and empowering environments for employees returning to the workforce. With Breakout, you’ll be able to:


Increase your return to work rate


Build your returners network and confidence for long-term success


Save time planning, so you can do more of the work you do best

Trusted by Top People Leaders


increase in employee retention after Breakout events


of participants feel more connected after attending Breakout events


of teams feel proud of their company culture because of Breakout events



backed company

Increase Returner Success Rates

Create a Stress-Free Re-Entry

Returners tend to be shyer and more uncertain than their counterparts, so we've designed events that allow them to ease back into the workforce.  Our thoughtful, targeted prompts help break the ice, and we include two or more breakout rooms per event to encourage low-stress bonding.  The result is a boosted sense of belonging, laying the foundation for their returnship success.  

Personalized Programming Made Easy

Our event specialists help you design a program that meets your needs. Once booked, our team takes care of the rest - calendar invites, a dashboard with event details, tracking information, and registration messaging.

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Ensure Your Efforts are Working

Our detailed reports track attendance, sentiment, and ROI to ensure your efforts to integrate returners are working, while our team's culture-building expertise helps you improve performance going forward.

No matter the size of your program

Our experts and events take the guesswork out of connecting your returners to each other and your company.

Connection-focused events your returners will love

Breakout empowers returners with events designed to meet their specific needs. Our tailored experiences maximize connection for every returner by helping them foster new friendships, expand their

professional network, and find their place within a supportive community.  Small-group breakout rooms promote meaningful interactions, while globally distributed programs can stay connected too

with boxes shipped to over 60+ countries.



Get to know everyone on your team with a fun fact guessing game

The Refined Unwind

The Refined Unwind

Escape the grind with soothing water beads, tea, and more

Pass The Torch: Returnship Edition

Pass The Torch: Returnship Edition

Fast-paced mentorship sessions

What Forward Thinking Leaders Are Saying

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I swear my rep was writing a response back before I even sent her an email with a question. Breakout takes care of almost everything for me.

Kathleen Ponte, Campus Recruiter, SimpliSafe

Return Better with Breakout

Schedule a discovery call with one of our strategists to see how Breakout can better connect your returners with each other and your company.

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