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Your company holiday celebrations made easy.

Let us handle your virtual and hybrid holiday events, so you and your team can focus on enjoying them.


Holiday booking portal for managers to seamlessly book their team events

Company or department-wide holiday party planning


Employees who attend our events are 30% more likely to be retained


85% feel more connected to their team after our events


92% feel proud of their company culture because of them

Ensure consistent celebrations across your company

Curate a booking portal exclusively for your company based on your budget and goals, so your managers can then book in a matter of clicks.

Companies that worked with us saw over 85% participation.

Give the gift of connection

Our premium event kits not only make your employees feel appreciated but also provide a chance to build genuine team bonds. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Turnkey execution, so you can focus on what you do best

From making sure dietary preferences are taken care of to tracking every package (and sending a backup if it isn’t getting there on time), we worry so you don’t have to.

Your company holiday celebrations made easy.

Events designed to drive
team connection

All events designed in-house by connection experts. Every event has multiple breakout rooms to drive deeper connections.

Global Shipping

We ship to 60+ companies so that everyone can feel included

Understand the impact of your spend

Track participation and sentiment after each event and get reports showing you the breakdown by department.

Check out some of our holiday fun

Loved by our customers

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