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Breakout's Shipping Insurance: Peace of Mind, Delivered!

We deeply understand the importance of your event kits, and that’s why we pull out all the stops to ensure a stress-free and timely delivery of our Breakout Boxes. With our shipping insurance, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your kits are protected. We meticulously monitor each shipment and take every measure to maintain our outstanding 99% on-time delivery rate.

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Here's how we get ship done:

Proactive Planning

We use an address validation system to catch any potential hiccups before your kit is on its way. Our shipments are carefully planned based on location and scheduled well in advance, so there’s plenty of wiggle room if something goes wrong.


Every recipient automatically receives shipping and delivery confirmation emails. You can also opt into text alerts from the tracking page.

Real-time Tracking

Keep tabs on your package’s journey in real-time on your client dashboard.

Daily Monitoring

We personally track your kit daily to mitigate transit issues and delays before they become problems. 

Got a Shipping Snag?

Email us at, or click the button below. Our average response time is shorter than your standard team meeting!  Please provide any documentation or photo evidence to support your claim, and we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work on it.

Mistakes Happen!

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. At Breakout, we’ve got your back(up). If there's ever a chance your kit won't arrive in time, we'll send a replacement or, if that’s not possible, source comparable materials locally for you.  Our team is dedicated to making sure you have everything you need for a great experience.


If it's our blunder, we’ll foot the bill for the replacement kit and rush shipping. If we can't get a replacement to you in time, you won't see a charge from us for that participant.



If it’s your blunder, we'll double down and work with you to make sure you have what you need for a successful event, but it will be at your expense.

Our Policy Coverage

What our policy covers:

At absolutely no cost to you, we will cover:

  • Address changes up until the kit ships

  • Kits reported by the carrier as lost in transit

  • Kits lost or stolen after delivery if proof of delivery does not include a receiver (like being left on the porch)

  • Damage to the contents of your kit upon receipt

  • Perishable items (including plants) that are spoiled and therefore unusable

  • Fulfillment errors such as wrong or missing items

What our policy doesn't cover:

We can’t cover the costs under the circumstances below, but we still care!  We’ll work with you to resolve the issue or send a replacement at your expense.

  • Rerouting or address changes after a kit has shipped

  • Kits lost or stolen with a legitimate proof of delivery

  • Intentional or accidental damage to the contents of your kit caused by the recipient

  • Perishable items (including plants) that are unusable due to customer negligence

  • Undeliverable kits dropped at pickup locations

  • Undeliverable or returned kits due to incorrect or invalid addresses

  • Kits that do not arrive on time due to late registrations

  • Shipments outside of the continental US

  • Recipient canceled their registration or did not attend the event after the kit had shipped

  • Severe delays outside of our control like storms, wars, strikes or zombie apocalypses

On the rare occasion that more than 30% of your shipments are delayed when we shipped your kits on time, we will be unable to replace all of your kits using rush shipping. Instead, we’ll work with you to reschedule your event or select a new one to ensure your team gets the time together they deserve. These circumstances are extremely rare as we ship our kits with twice as long as required to arrive on time.

Your Responsibilities:

Help us help you!  To obtain our coverage, you must:

  • Submit all registration details on time

  • Respond to Breakout and/or carrier outreach regarding shipments within two business days

  • Contact Breakout regarding any issues with your kit within two business days of delivery

  • Prepare relevant photos or documentation to support your claim

The Fine Print


Our insurance policy is automatically applied to packages shipped domestically within the United States (excluding Alaska, Hawai’i, and Puerto Rico). Please keep in mind that coverage is contingent upon your team completing all necessary registration details on time.

Rush Shipping:

In a hurry? We’ll make it happen!

  • Domestic: Rush-ship flat fees range from $20 to $60 depending on how fast you need it.

  • International: $20 rush-ship flat fee on top of shipping costs. 

*Exclusions may apply based on available carrier services.

Undeliverable Kits:

Occasionally, a package will play hard to get. If the carrier can't deliver your package or it ends up at a pickup location, we'll email you with all the details. From there, it's up to you to coordinate with the carrier. We can't cover any pickup costs, but we’ll work with you to resolve the issue or send a replacement at your expense.

Address Confirmation and Changes:

If your address doesn’t verify in our system, we’ll drop you an email to clarify. Respond within two business days to avoid rush-shipping charges. And remember, you can always double check your address in your registration confirmation email. If you need to make an address change, we've got you!  We'll handle it free of charge until that kit's out the door. After that, our hands are tied, but we will work with you to send a replacement at your expense if you need to re-route or if your delivery is unsuccessful.

Fulfillment Errors and Damaged Kits:

If the contents of your kit get banged up in transit, or you received wrong/missing items, we’ll work with you to make it right. Just remember to snap a picture for us and email

Delayed, Lost, or Stolen Kits:

Should your kit get lost or delayed in transit, don't sweat it! We'll rush a replacement to you at no cost, and you can keep the original if it shows up later. If you can’t locate your delivered package, let us know within 2 business days of receiving the delivery confirmation.

International Shipping:

Joining from abroad? Here's the scoop:

  • Plan Ahead: Time solves most transit problems. We ship our international kits as soon as possible, so get those registrations in early!  Some exclusions in our kit contents may apply due to international shipping restrictions - we’ll let you know and provide alternatives.

  • Billing: We will bill all international shipping costs, plus a 15% admin fee, to your final invoice.

  • Customs: We'll handle standard forms and help with any extra paperwork required. Just be ready to chat with the carrier if they need you. Hang ups at customs are out of our control and if the delivery hits a snag because you didn't contact the carrier, we can't cover the cost. 

International Shipping Insurance:

 Our insurance policy doesn't cover international shipments, but we’ve still got your back!  Our eyes are on your kit and we’re ready to help navigate any bumps in the road. If things go amiss, rest assured we'll do our best to work with you to resolve them.

Breakout Box Best Practices

Following these simple guidelines will help avoid a kit-tastrophe.

1. Be an early bird!  Get those registrations in as early as possible, especially international participants. The sooner you register, the sooner we can get your shipment in motion.

4. We primarily ship via UPS, which does not accept PO Box addresses. If you don’t have an alternative mailing address - please let us know.

2. Always include your floor, suite, unit, or apartment number in your address. If your mailing address is a business or office, include the company name and ATTN too, if applicable.

5. Always double check your mailing address in your registration confirmation email. If you see any errors, reach out to us asap!

3. If you have not received your Breakout Box two business days before the event, please check the tracking and let us know.

6. Take a sneak peek!  Give a look inside your Breakout Box when it arrives to make sure nothing is amiss.

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