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Easily scale team-building across your company

With virtual team-building experiences and activity kits

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More likely to love their company


As likely to stay

Work friends are more than a fringe benefit

Employees with work friends are

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of participants feel more connected to their colleagues after Breakout events

Engage employees

We design all events in-house to ensure they’re centered around what you care about most — team bonding.

Make it easy for managers

Roll out a company-wide team-building program in minutes. With our custom portal, managers can select from events curated around your budget and goals, all in a few clicks.

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of Duolingo employees participated in Breakout events in the first six months

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Global (2).png
Global (2).png
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And counting – that’s the number of countries where we deliver Breakout Boxes

Connect globally

We deliver to a growing list of countries around the world.

Stress-free experiences

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Leave the planning to us, so you can do more of the work you do best.


Promotion made easy

Share pre-written messages and promotions in a click.


Guaranteed shipping

We track your team’s kits and ship a backup if one’s not going to arrive in time.


Tech support

Solve tech issues in advance with a pre-event tech-check.


Options for every diet

Vegan or gluten-free? We have options, so your team feels taken care of.

Clients love us. You will too.



Average event rating




Launching this platform has been a huge win for me. Breakout is really managing these events, and it lets me use my brain to focus on other things.

duo icon.png

Elise Walton, Employee Engagement Manager, Duolingo

Working with Breakout was a dream. The team is fully professional. They’re experts at what they do. The efficiency was top-notch, and the end product was invaluable.

justworks icon.png

Sabrina Hirsh, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Justworks

Breakout is an investment in our most important asset: our team. Their program ensures that we maintain and grow our people-first culture.


Meghan Buck, Founder, Veda



backed company

We help your teamwork.

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